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Alphabet Decoration Flash Cards Letters Fall

About This Product

Alphabet Decoration Flash Card Letters | Fall is a collection of cards with the letters of the english alphabet ( both lowercase and uppercase ) with various discreet and pretty decoration frames inspired by autumn/ fall season . The goal is to get your students recognise ( read and write ) all the letters of the alphabet .

This seasonal themed material includes frames with autumn leaves, Halloween and Thanksgiving images and more .

It is more than just a nice way to have useful pins on your bulletin boards . WIth the variety of font colors and formats, the students have a chance to generalise the constant letter form and become fluent in using it .

  • make task cards .

  • use in your centers .

  • create material for your work stations .

  • make mini books .

  • use as posters and board pins .

  • and more .

There is a full color version and a full black and white one to use according to your liking, needs and ink supplies .

This resource is ideal for kindergarten students and 1st graders but also use as literacy immersion material/ stimulus in preschool settings or as a therapy material in dyslexia teaching sessions .

The resource comes in a PDF file of 108 pages .

It is suggested that you print, cut and laminate the color version flash cards, so you create a core "go to" file for early reading and writing activities and use the black and white version for handwriting, cut and paste and other activities .

On WORDS ASIDE you can find a great variety ( with colored and black and white versions ) of relevant resources to build on your cognitive skills, literacy, language and communication teaching materials, with many of them suitable for screen display to avoid printing costs and fuss . Also, pdf materials on numeracy, basic math and pictorial / manipulative approach to learning . Enjoy the process and the progress that follows!

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