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Alphabet Letter Sort | Letter of the Week Activity Book

An educational teaching resource from Simply Schoolgirl entitled Alphabet Letter Sort | Letter of the Week Activity Book downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

These cut-and-glue letter sorting activity pages are a great way to practice letter identification and discrimination between uppercase and lowercase letters. These worksheets will help your students practice fine motor skills while cutting and gluing. A variety of fonts has been used to provide some challenge and boost their ability to identify letters correctly within broader real-life contexts. As they complete these activity pages, they'll become more fluent in uppercase and lowercase letter identification.

How to Use This:

Print out the activity page that coordinates with the letter you and your class are learning about. Give a worksheet to each child. Have them spend a minute cutting out all the small letter squares. Then have them glue the letters into the correct column based on whether they are an uppercase or lowercase version of the focus letter.

This hands on activity is great for paired work, independent work, a center, early finishers, or as homework. If you are using a letter of the week type of approach, these printables will fit right in! You can use them while teaching children at home, small homeschool or co-op groups, or a large preschool or kindergarten class. This cut and glue activity will be a favorite your students will remember! Have fun with these!


What You Get:

  • - 26 letter sort worksheets- one for each letter of the alphabet

Teaching young students to read requires so many different steps and activities. I hope that this resource and others I've made will help you create a letter-learning approach and plan that will help you cover all the topics and skills you needs to help your students become proficient readers and learn to love reading with all their hearts. High-quality resources, activities, worksheets, and crafts can make all the difference in making their learning memorable and fun!

What's Included

1 PDF with 26 ready to print pages

Resource Tags

alphabet sort letter sort sorting activity letter of the week alphabet worksheet preschool uppercase letters lowercase letters sorting letters letter identification

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