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Ambulance Matching Phonics Sounds Activity

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Kindergarten, Preschool, Grade 1





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About This Product

Ambulance Matching Phonics Sounds Activity

Introducing an engaging teaching resource, the Ambulance Matching Phonics Sounds Activity. A tool designed to help children improve their literacy skills with a focus on phonics sounds for letters s, a, and t.


Particularly aimed at kindergarten, preschool, and grade one learners, the activity employs an interactive and visual approach enabling hands-on learning experience. With its eye-catching ambulance/hospital theme, it brings about fun to tedious phonics learning.

Literacy Enhancement

Leveraging this tool can undoubtedly transform your Language Arts lessons or Phonics classes into dynamic learning experiences.

  • Main Group Activity: Use it during class time involving all students.
  • Small Group Assignment: Make effective use of it in literacy centers for reinforcing understanding within small groups.
Note: It can also serve as homework assignments ensuring reinforcement outside school too!

Ease of Use & Longevity

The activity comes in PDF format with clear instructions making setup hassle-free. Considering its reusability potential over multiple years across various sets of students - print out several sets; cut out then laminate them accordingly thereby maximizing resources wisely even respecting environment considerations too!

Bigger Picture Perspective

  • This resource serves not merely for enhancing reading abilities but underpins auditory-visual connections strengthening listening awareness via associating sounds with visuals .
EYFS Alignment : It adheres to Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) objectives preparing learners well-ahead! Please Note: If you've already bought our larger set, "50+ Phonics Exercise Sheets (s,a,t)" , this activity is part of it so avoid purchasing it separately again!

Incorporate & Capitalize

Incorporating this activity into your lessons enhances versatility and simultaneously engenders a love for reading in students thereby aiding their cognitive growth effectively. Unleash the potential of phonics instruction today with our Ambulance Matching Phonics Sounds Activity.

What's Included

About this product

This product contains 7 pages of hospital and ambulance counters (with instruction sheet) focusing on letter s, a, and t. The sheets are as following:

1. 1 page with instructions

2. 6 pages of hospital and ambulance counters

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