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America Story of Us: Episode 9 - "Bust" - Complete Video Guide

America Story of Us: Episode 9 - "Bust" - Complete Video Guide
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In the television series "America: The Story of Us," Episode 9 is titled "Bust." This episode explores the economic challenges and crises faced by the United States throughout its history. Here is a summary of Episode 9, "Bust":

  1. Boom turns to bust when the stock market crash ushers in the Great Depression. Dust storms blanket the Midwest in darkness. However, Roosevelt's New Deal signals recovery, and thousands of Americans find work on projects like the Hoover Dam and Mount Rushmore. In October 1929, Wall Street crashes; the American Dream is in doubt as economic turmoil ensues. The crash coincides with the start of the Great Depression. Unemployment rises sharply and as confidence in U.S. banks disintegrates, bank closures sweep the nation. On the Great Plains, economic difficulties are compounded by natural disaster. Years of intensive plowing and severe drought dry out the land. Vast dust storms fill the skies and drive people west during the Dust Bowl. Inaugurated in the depths of the Depression in 1933, new President Franklin D. Roosevelt starts to turn things around. The New Deal and public works projects help save America from despair and destitution.

These teacher-generated questions are designed to help students focus in on key information during the video. These questions cover the ninth episode in the series titled "Bust". Ready to print and use! Comes with a completed answer key!

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