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American Frontier

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History: USA


Grade 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12



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About This Product

American Frontier: A Teaching Resource

American Frontier, provides a comprehensive overview of westward expansion in colonial America. It takes learners back in time through engaging narrative, detailing moments of diplomacy, war, collective spirit and adventure seeking.

Content Highlights:
  • The adventures of Daniel Boone and explorations by Lewis Clark
  • Significant events like the Louisiana Purchase
  • Controversial aspects such as the subjugation of Native Americans
  • Coverage on the Mexican-American War and transcontinental railroad construction

This resource is tailored for students between Grades 7 to 12 studying Social Studies with an emphasis on United States history. Stand out features include a focus on historical facts over Hollywood stereotypes alongside its balance between data and narratives which fosters deep insights into early American frontier life.
Uses:This material can be utilized in various learning scenarios such as whole-class instruction, smaller study groups or assigned as detailed homework tasks. Inclusion of maps for geographic understanding combined with thought provoking questions that encourage deeper analysis amplify its value.

Bibliography & Evaluation:
At the end is an extensive bibliography aimed at directing further topic exploration. Also included is an answer key that simplifies evaluation helping ascertain student comprehension.

The Lesson Plan PDF Format Advantage :

Integrating 'American Frontier' into your existing curriculum becomes easily manageable owing to its pdf format making it both interesting and sparking enriching discussions covering facets about early American life during its Westward Expansion era.


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