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Among the Hidden - Literature Kit Gr. 5-6

Among the Hidden - Literature Kit Gr. 5-6
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Grade 5, 6



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About This Product

Among the Hidden - Literature Kit Gr. 5-6

This kit offers an enriching exploration of the thought-provoking novel, fostering comprehensive understanding while encouraging critical thinking in fifth and sixth-grade students.

Key Features

  • Scaffolded worksheets for learning enhancement
  • In-class tableau demonstrations promoting active participation
  • Word search activities and crossword games for added engagement
  • Direcly aligns with state education standards, readily fits into curriculum plans.
  • Covers a range of responses:
      Prediction-inspired writing tasks, Comprehension quizzes supplemented by an answer key. This literature kit is versatile enough to be used as a whole class exercise or for small group work, and even as individual homework assignments.

    Highlight Among Resources Provided

    A distinctive resource that stands out includes encouraging students to write journal entries from character viewpoints such as Jen's. This novel-specific activity enables learners to grasp textual nuances better while also sparking empathy towards different characters' perspectives.

    Vocabulary Expansion Exercises

    1. The material provides matching exercises integrating synonyms with novel-specific vocabulary words.
    2. Creative elements incorporated include designing their coat of arms based on story themes—artistic representation facilitating deeper understanding while adding an element of fun.
    Bloom’s Taxonomy approach:
    The literature discourses are grounded in Bloom’s Taxonomy approach favoring reading comprehension effectively among upper-elementary grade levels. Total Pages:
    There are 55 ready-to-print pages formatted cleanly. PDF files packaged within one accessible file type facilitate quick print off or display onto screens.

    This comprehensive kit is an excellent tool whether utilized at home or in a school setting worldwide across different educational systems relevant to Language Arts specifically under Literature.

What's Included

1 PDF with 55 ready to print pages

Resource Tags

novel study guide Among the Hidden synonyms comprehension journal entry

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