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Ancient Civilizations: China Unit Study

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Grade 3, 4, 5, 6



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About This Product

The Ancient Civilizations: China Unit Study is a comprehensive teaching resource for all educators. The material supports the creation of engaging lessons on the intriguing subject of Ancient China. Its flexible design makes it suitable for use in whole group settings, small groups, or as homework assignments - ideal for public school teachers and homeschoolers alike.

The unit is packed with enriching content, including:

  • Book recommendations for both fiction and nonfiction texts related to Ancient China.

  • Ideas for projects and crafts such as studying calligraphy or creating a dragon puppet.

  • An introduction to 22 key vocabulary words from that era, like Buddhism, dragon, lantern etc.

Learning about geography through marked and blank maps helps students understand the spread of Chinese civilization. Pictorial posters introduce important figures and landmarks like Laozi, Confucius, Han Feizi, Shi Huangdi & Emperor Wudi along with renowned places Terracotta Soldiers site & The Great Wall.

In addition to a mesmerizing world map & timeline cards depicting major events chronologically; this rich collection includes several articles on ancient Chinese traditions covering topics such as dietary habits & unique inventions of that time. Coloring pages practicing character charts offer an immersive way to learn about specific characters from the era.

To cater to educators' needs comprehensively we strive not just towards fact-based information delivery but towards holistic learning experience. This prompted us in incorporating activities based around reproduction of artefacts from ancient times encouraging creativity among learners!

In conclusion, this study set also includes several creative writing prompts that help integrate writing practice into history lessons effortlessly!

Suitable for Grade 3 through Grade 6 Social Studies classrooms concentrating on History -Ancient Sub-subject this product comes locked conveniently loaded as a zip file filled with various file formats and 110 printable pages, making your teaching endeavor following Ancient China truly comprehensive and immersive.

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