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Angels We Have Heard On High Extended Sheet Music

An educational teaching resource from Twin Sisters Digital Media entitled Angels We Have Heard On High Extended Sheet Music downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

Angels We Have Heard On High Extended Sheet Music: An Exceptional Teaching Resource

Angels We Have Heard On High Extended Sheet Music is a valuable teaching resource that combines religion, life studies, and art & music in an engaging and educational way. This product focuses on students from grade 6 to grade 12, presenting age-appropriate content effectively.

Incorporate into Your Lesson Plan

Including this resource in your lesson plan provides your students with easily comprehensible sheet music of the timeless Christmas hymn - Angels We Have Heard On High. The material includes a straightforward melody line which makes learning delightful for beginner piano players. More interestingly, intermediate learners can also find stages of learning with the full score being part of the package.

Cross Learning Experience

  • This product stands out because it caters to all; encasing guitar chords to offer a stimulating cross-learning experience between piano playing students and those leaning towards guitar playing.
  • Picturize using this during large group sessions; every student engrossed in deciphering musical notes while their instruments harmonize to create this beautiful hymn dedicated to Jesus' miraculous birth.
  • The joy doesn’t stop at that! It can just as beautifully be used in smaller groups or individualized learning situations such as homeschooling setups.
A feature worth noting is:
The versatility nature of Angels We Have heard On High Extended sheet Music which can be adapted across different performance platforms – making church Christmas performances or school recitals memorable.

Crafted by Hal Wright carefully, this professionally arranged material comprises six pages that are delivered effortlessly as a PDF file type post-purchase. This offers direct access for educators who aim towards fostering holistic growth in young minds by intertwining elements of faith with artistry and creativity through music-oriented lessons.

What's Included

PDF with 6 pages included.

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