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Animal and Plant Cells Worksheet

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Grade 3, 4, 5





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About This Product

If you want to give science students extra practice with animal cells and plant cells, I have just the resource for you!

What You Get:

This is an Animal and Plant Cells Worksheet that was designed for upper elementary students who have learning or are reviewing this skill. This resource is a 1-page printable.

How To Implement This Resource:

Print out enough copies of this worksheet for all your students. You may also choose to print only a few copies to laminate. Students could use dry erase markers to complete the worksheet and it can be used over and over again. This would make a great science center activity.

This worksheet consists of an animal cell at the top and a plant cell at the bottom. Students will study the structures and then label the diagrams. Words are provided alongside the diagrams to support student learning. This worksheet makes a great check for understanding

I hope you enjoy!

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What's Included

1 PDF with 1 usable page

Resource Tags

Animal Cells Plant Cells Science Worksheet Science Printable Labeling Worksheet Diagrams Science Center Check for Understanding

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