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Animated Poem: 5 Little Cones VI

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About This Product

Entitled Animated Poem: 5 Little Cones VI

This teaching resource is an enticing blend of literacy, language, academic goals, and Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). Designed for students in preschool through to grade 2; it effortlessly incorporates a sense of fun into learning by mixing engaging animations that serve the visual impairment needs. The resource stands out for its full comprehensibility and interactive nature with a total of 20 slides.

Strategic Animation Features

  • The tool incorporates movement meant to retain the student's focus on key subjects.
  • Utilizes high contrast graphics and sound effects collaboratively to elaborate on concepts—an approach that has been proven effective among children.
  • The text is marked by high contrast white or yellow hues against a black backdrop; making it easy to read.

The animated poem delivers counting practice while introducing your leaners to novel poetic perspectives—making learning numbers intriguing. It fits various settings such as whole group lessons or small group sessions. You can also assign it as homework—it adapts to align with your educational plan.

Inclusive Programming - 'Safe Zones'

In support of learners who might require switch training aids, we have included 'safe zones' within the program. This integral feature supports navigation through page numbers—an innovative novelty dedicated towards including everyone's educational necessities.

Touched Core Areas & Compatibility

    This versatile teaching aid:
    Covers major areas such as :
  • Language Arts—especially poetry--and Activity types, among other core topics,
  • > .
      Easily compatible :
  • All you require for maximum utilization is the free Microsoft PowerPoint application,
  • It fits any screen size ranging from classroom interactive whiteboards to personal computers and handheld tablets—the Animated Poem: 5 Little Cones VI moulds around your preference.
  • Final Remarks

    This vibrant teaching aid goes beyond traditional curricular scope by fusing core skills into a single captivating package leaving no room for literacy gaps. This is an educational resource that truly stands out.

    What's Included

    20-slide PowerPoint

    Resource Tags

    animated poem literacy language arts AAC switch training

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