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Animated Poem: 5 Little Ladybugs VI

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About This Product

Animated Poem: 5 Little Ladybugs VI

A charming, interactive poem for early learners, Animated Poem: 5 Little Ladybugs VI harnesses the power of storytelling and animation to spark curiosity in children from Preschool up to Grade 2. This 18-slide PowerPoint serves a dual function - as a source of enjoyment and a tool for education - with little ladybugs acting as both characters in the story and counting aids.

Key Features:

  • Multimedia Content: The PowerPoint is filled with fun animations that bring each line of verse to life. Students can trigger these animations at strategic points during the story by clicking on key areas.
  • Inclusion-friendly Design: Ensuring accessibility for all learners, special considerations have been made for students with visual impairments. High contrast graphics/text (white or yellow against a black background) along with sound effects enhance visibility and understandability while keeping engagement high.
  • Versatile Application: Whether it's displayed on an interactive whiteboard during whole class exploration, projected onto big screen TV for small group education, or used individually on 'computer monitor', 'iPad/Android tablet' or' iPhone', children can immerse themselves in this animated adventure at their chosen pace
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Crafted keeping curriculum objectives in mind across multiple subjects like languages arts and number literacy; this resource further extends its functionality by supporting switch training through attached page numbers serving as 'safe zones'.

A New Stage For Learning

The Animated Poem: 5 Little Ladybugs VI promotes inclusive learning by making classrooms more engaging visual spaces. Each animated ladybug guides students towards achieving significant educational targets while fostering new levels of creativity, imagination ,resourcefulness thus possibly igniting a lifelong love for learning.

What's Included

18-slide PowerPoint

Resource Tags

interactive poem early literacy counting tool visual impairments inclusive education

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