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Animated Recipe: Applesauce VI

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About This Product

Animated Recipe: Applesauce VI

The Animated Recipe: Applesauce VI is a distinctive educational resource designed for preschool to second grade educators. It's an engaging, interactive PowerPoint presentation with 19 slides that serves a multipurpose role in language and literacy enhancement.

This resource has been expertly crafted for young learners, offering an animated step-by-step guide to making applesauce. As students follow the recipe's progression, they not only familiarize themselves with fundamental vocabulary but also enhance their skills in following instructions independently.

Main Features of this Resource:

  • Animate Step-by-Steps® concept:
    Cutting-edge PowerPoint animations meticulously created to advance literacy and language competence alongside multiple academic objectives.
  • Built-in animation:
    Subtle movements focusing student attention efficiently on target objects.
  • 'Safe zone' affixed onto page numbers:
    A smart provision aiding switch training activities conducted by teachers.

These features are accompanied by high contrast graphics and text (white or yellow on black background), catering effectively for visually impaired learners. Elemments like sound effects are judiciously used throughout the resource - they are carefully chosen to augment understanding of demonstrated concepts.

Presentation Modes:

  • 'Big screen' projections such as interactive whiteboards and large screen TVs via Apple TV
  • 'Small screen' adaptations suitable for viewing on computer monitors or iPad/Android tablets through free Microsoft PowerPoint app.
(Additional implementation possibilites include whole-group lessons focused around an interactive whiteboard in classrooms down through small group work using individual tablets.)
In Sum...

Fantasy to foster literacy and language skills, Animated Recipe: Applesauce VI is an adaptable educational aid that cultivates critical thinking skills and attention to detail in young learners. Applesauce does indeed turn more than just apples into learning opportunities!

What's Included

19-slide PowerPoint

Resource Tags

educational resource animated presentation language and literacy step-by-step guide interactive

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