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Animated Recipe: Peanut Butter and Jam Sandwich VI

Animated Recipe: Peanut Butter and Jam Sandwich VI
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About This Product

Product Title: Animated Recipe: Peanut Butter and Jam Sandwich VI

In the pursuit of engaging modern teaching techniques, we present to you the Animated Recipe: Peanut Butter and Jam Sandwich VI. This cleverly crafted resource will not only spark curiosity but also cater to a wide range of academic goals, particularly literacy, language and augmentative alternative communication (AAC).

Housed in a 15-slide PowerPoint presentation, it takes learners on an interactive exploration of making a classic peanut butter and jam sandwich. Along the journey, students get opportunities to enhance their vocabulary as well as master following directions.

Built especially with visual impairment in mind, this method cares for your student's unique learning needs by using simplified high contrast graphics. The animations that accompany each step offer inherent movement aiding students focus on the task at hand better. It also has sound effects tied into key concepts further facilitating understanding.

  • Careful attention is paid to designing this technique - high contrast text either white or yellow on black background eases visibility while attached ‘safe zone’ ensures switch training becomes more approachable for those availing it.

Utilization can vary depending upon number of students or setup you have at hand:

  1. A whole class session can be mapped around these slides displayed on an interactive whiteboard or large screen TV using Apple TV – majority participates simultaneously enhancing group learning experience while providing opportunities for social interaction among peers.
  2. Likewise smaller groups can work together nailing down specific skills like matching similar items which boosts their cognitive development; even pairing students can work wonders instilling team spirit early on!
  3. Homework assignment or individual engagement is possible too using computer monitor/iPad/Android tablet/iPhone where free Microsoft PowerPoint app comes handy in accomplishing tasks independently at one’s own pace.

Animated Step-by-Steps blog offers abundant insight into leveraging its educational potentials innovatively as well making initial strides easier even for digitally reluctant fellow educators.

Suitable primarily for prekindergarten through first grade with the specific focus on Special Education Needs (SEN), this special resource is a fresh spin on conventional methods deserving spot in your digital tool kit.

What's Included

15-slide PowerPoint

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