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Animated Recipe: Brownies VI

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Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2



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About This Product

Animated Recipe: Brownies VI

Animated Recipe: Brownies VI is a dynamic teaching tool designed for students from kindergarten to grade 2. Delivered in a 16-slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, it utilizes baking - an activity loved by children, to teach essential learning skills.

Main Features

  • Presentation format that offers interactive engagement.
  • Mix of literacy instruction and language development lessons.
  • Animations bringing life to the read text and enhancing understanding.
  • Specially curated for students with Visual Impairments (VI).
  • Includes animations with built-in movements for better attention retention.
Note: Requires Microsoft PowerPoint Software.

Catering Special Needs

The product design takes into account the needs of physically challenged students as well. It includes features like high contrast graphics and texts, sound effects providing auditory support, and a special 'safe zone' integrated within page numbers which assists during switch training scenarios — particularly beneficial for SEN (Special Educational Needs) students who find task-switching challenging.


This resource can be flexibly displayed on various devices like interactive whiteboards, large screen TVs or individual computer monitors; as well it's compatible with iPad/Android tablets or even iPhones using the free Microsoft PowerPoint app. Perfect for both whole-group instruction or small group activities.

An effective fusion of education with entertainment makes Animated Recipe: Brownies VI a valuable part of your teaching toolkit suitable in both traditional classrooms or homeschooling setups.

What's Included

16-slide PowerPoint

Resource Tags

baking interactive visual impairment literacy instruction inclusion

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