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Animated Story: Goldilocks & The 3 Bears VI

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Preschool, Kindergarten, Grade 1



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About This Product

Animated Story: Goldilocks & The 3 Bears VI

This interactive tool is a comprehensive teaching resource ideal for educators of preschool, kindergarten, and grade one students. With the engagement of a well-known children's story stimulating learning through 32 animated slides, this resource is perfect for fostering literacy and language skills in early education settings.

Features Catering to Visual Impairments

The PowerPoint presentation is designed keeping in mind students with visual impairments. Elements like substantial movement animations help focus student's attention on target objects while simple high contrast graphics ensure ease on eyes.

  • Sound effects coupled with animated illustrations make understanding concepts engaging rather than mundane.
  • The use of high contrast text - white or yellow letters against a black background significantly improves readability and impact.

Cross-Platform Accessibility

An intriguing aspect of the material lies in its universality—it can be displayed across various technology platforms from interactive whiteboards to tablets or laptops due to its accessible Microsoft PowerPoint format'. This versatility makes it suitable for use in various settings such as whole group instruction scenarios, smaller breakout groups or individual assignments at home.

Safe Zones & Convenience

'Safe zones', practical elements within the design cater specifically to visually impaired learners helping them stay focused during switch training routines while also enhancing UI navigation experience for all users from an ergonomic standpoint. This significant element just adds convenience to its usability.

The Perfect Balance between Enjoyment & Education:

This teaching material goes beyond visual appeal – employing technology and pedagogic theory effectively to make lessons fun-filled while meeting academic goals concurrently across Language Arts and Reading subcategories alike. This optimal balance between enjoyment and education leads learners towards mastery through guided interaction—an essential stepping-stone when embarking on their educational journey.

What's Included

32-slide PowerPoint

Resource Tags

interactive learning visual impairment literacy skills animated illustrations technology integration

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