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Anime Portraits

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Fine Arts


Grade 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9



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About This Product

Anime Portraits: An Educator's Resource

Anime Portraits is an engaging resource for teaching students in grades 4 through 9 about the world of Anime. This art teaching toolkit breathes creativity and fun into Art & Music classes, offering a foray into fine arts.

PowerPoint Guide & PDF Instructions

Included in this product are a PowerPoint guide and detailed PDF instructions. These materials present step-by-step processes for sketching dynamic Anime characters, focusing particularly on facial features.

  • The PowerPoint presentation has 10 educational slides that introduce the fascinating origins and unique attributes that shape Anime style.
  • A comprehensive 13-page PDF provides invaluable advice on creating eerie portraits with helpful diagram examples.
    • Versatile Teaching Implementation Methods

      This tool can be used in several ways:
      Bold group lessons:, smaller learning circles or as special homework to enhance out-of-school art practice. It is not only practical for conventional classrooms but also caters to homeschoolers yearning to invigorate their curriculum.

      Pedagogical Success Record and Popularity Among Students

      Serving effectively among grade five and six learners over ten years, this resource maintains its popularity due to relatability with pop culture – showing how education can indeed be entertaining!

      'Anime Portraits': A comprehensive yet enjoyable educational aid dedicated right at young aspiring artists who love Manga drawings. Informative yet highly engaging!

What's Included

PowerPoint with 10 slides

PDF document with 13 pages of instructions and visual examples to help students create their Anime characters

Resource Tags

Anime Art Manga Drawing technique Visual arts

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