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The Art Ninja

Hi there! My name is Will Ford and I have served in the public school system as an art teacher for the past 19 years. I have taught students of all grade levels, K-12 and am actively teaching grades K-5. I love art and I love teaching. My artistic interests include drawing, painting, printmaking and digital art. When I began teaching, it was a struggle; there were very little resources available online for art teachers. I understand the challenge of coming up with a strong and varied art curriculum for so many grade levels. I have spent my entire career developing fun, engaging art lessons. My PowerPoint presentations share fun facts about art and artists, provide questions for students that promote critical thought, introduce a wide variety of media, artistic skills and concepts and walk teachers and students through the creation of art projects through clear visuals with step-by-step directions. I design my lessons and products with art teachers, classroom teachers, and homeschool teachers in mind. I hope that my lessons will be a blessing to you! ~Will Ford (The Art Ninja)