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Apple Hundreds Chart Mystery Picture

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Kindergarten, Grade 1





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About This Product

This apple themed hundreds chart mystery picture is a great way for students to practice recognizing numbers up to 100.

What is Included:

  • Two Hundreds Chart Mystery Picture Worksheets

  • Colored number cards from 1 to 100 for puzzle building

  • Black and White numbered cards from 1 to 100 for printing on colored card stock.

How to Use the Pocket Chart Cards:

Included in this resource is a set of pocket chart cards for building the hundreds chart mystery picture on a pocket chart. The cards are presented in an all-color option as well as a black and white option for printing on cardstock. Directions for printing on cardstock is included in this packet.

  • Sensory Bin - Using the pocket chart cards, students can pull the cards out of the sensory bin, and then color the corresponding square on the number chart worksheet OR place the piece where it belongs on the hundreds chart pocket chart.

  • Floor or Table Top Puzzle - Students will use the pocket chart cards to build the hundreds chart mystery picture on the floor or on a table top.

  • Whole Group Activity - Students can take turns putting the missing cards in the correct location on the pocket chart.

  • Missing Number Game - Place the puzzle in a pocket chart then remove a few numbers to have students say what number is missing then add the missing piece to complete the puzzle.

Ways to Use the Mystery Picture Worksheet:

  • Morning Work - The worksheets and puzzle make a great morning activity for students to complete while waiting for their classmates to arrive to class.

  • Early Finisher Activity - Students who finish activities early may work on the mystery picture worksheet.

  • Math Center - The teacher can place the puzzle cards or mystery picture worksheets inside the math center for students to complete.

The worksheets are a no prep options for teachers to give students to complete. The pocket chart cards are a low prep activity and just need to be printed and cut apart. The cards can be stored in a task box for easy storage.

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