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Appropriate Behaviors, Social Skills Story and Activities

Appropriate Behaviors, Social Skills Story and Activities
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Life Skills


Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2, 3





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About This Product

Appropriate Behaviors, Social Skills Story and Activities Resource

This product is a crucial asset for instructors who are handling students with conduct problems or requiring extra guidance in setting boundaries. The tool offers numerous beneficial tasks designed to shape the minds of children from kindergarten to grade three or those struggling with their behaviors.

Main features:
  • A Social Skills story within 41 full-color pages that connects the dots between inappropriate (NO) behaviors and acceptable (GO) behaviors.
  • Two sets of NO vs GO activities focused on improving the understanding of behavioral correctness amongst young learners while keeping them engaged.
  • 'Behavior cards' both pictorial and text-based, for each behavior category - NO behavior and GO behavior.
  • An aesthetically pleasing 'Behavior Poster', which provides a clear explanation of both NO Behavior and GO Behavior visually.
  • Detailed charts that real-time track movement from No Behavior to Go Behavior - highly useful feature for educators monitoring individual student growth.

Including three editable pages accommodating specific adjustments related to the behavior chart and cards enables personal customization. This feature emphasizes adapting as per your specific needs. Versatility in use:

This tool extends its utilization possibilities by allowing different applications; it can be used during group discussions or small interactive sessions where intimate talks with students about their emotional responses could be more effective. Additionally, it can be given as homework when direct supervision isn't crucial, or any other scenarios prompting open discussions about managing behavior.

The resource comes as an easily shareable PDF file making it straightforward to distribute electronically via email or print out physically for classroom use. Educational alignment:

Mainly tied under Special resources subject targeting Life skills sub-area. Apart from its primary function, it also provides secondary educational advantages ranging from improving vocabulary understanding via text interpretation to building emotional resilience among young learners.

Final Thoughts

The Appropriate Behaviors, Social Skills Story and Activities resource encapsulates a handy strategy in aiding instructors gracefully steer behavioral issues in young students while respectably acknowledging their emotional journeys.

What's Included

Included Please Find: 41 Pages

Social Skills Story In Color: How To Get From NO Behaviors To GO Behaviors

Social Skills Story Companion: Black and White Version

Visuals: "NO" Behavior Poster & "GO" Behavior Poster

Skill Builder 1: "NO vs. GO" Activity

No Behavior To Go Behavior Charts

Skill Builder 2: "NO vs. GO" Activity

"NO" Behavior Cards {Pictures}

"GO" Behavior Cards {Pictures}

"NO" Behavior Cards {Written}

"GO" Behavior Cards {Written}

Skill Builder 3: Behavior Charts

EDITABLE PAGES: 3 Pages {Behavior Chart and Cards}

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