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It's Okay To Make Mistakes Story and Activities For 3rd-5th Grade

It's Okay To Make Mistakes  Story and Activities For 3rd-5th Grade
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Life Skills


Grade 3, 4, 5



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About This Product

"It's Okay To Make Mistakes Story and Activities For 3rd-5th Grade"

This teaching resource is designed to help develop crucial social skills in students. It targets those at the 3rd to 5th grade level, focusing on teaching that it's okay to make mistakes.

  • To support children who struggle with admitting their mistakes
  • To alleviate anxiety in those who worry excessively about making errors
  • To teach when apologies are necessary after making a mistake
  • To build resilience especially in children who constantly seek perfection or avoid taking responsibility for mistakes

The resource includes an illustrated story written in straightforward language to simplify complex concepts about handling errors, making them easier for children to understand and apply in various real-world scenarios.

Skill Builders:

These are activities that enhance the lessons learned through visual aids and hands-on tasks. They ensure a comprehensive understanding of how acknowledging mistakes appropriately becomes part of our daily interactions.

Additional Materials Included:

  • Color Social Stories: suitable for classroom use
  • Coloring Book Companions: suitable for at-home reinforcement
  • 'Mistakes' Activities:
  • Inspirational Quotes Posters: serves as reminders within classrooms or homes alike
  • , Amina PowerPoint Presentation:\ A tool providing distance learning options
Note on Usage :

This versatile resource can be used across multiple teaching environments such as full classrooms, small study groups or even as homework assignments aiding Life Skills education. Teachers from different sectors like public schooling or homeschooling can effectively use these resources to meet their students' needs. It's provided as multiple file types and worksheets, facilitating a flexible approach in teaching young minds about making mistakes and the importance of processing them effectively.

What's Included

Included Please Find: 65 Pages

> Story: Color Social Story, Great For The Classroom. Includes 3 choices of covers, 3 choices of end pages.

> Coloring Book Companion: Black & White Social Story, Great To Color In While Reading and/or Send Home For Generalization

> Skill Builder: Mistakes Activity 1

> Skill Builder: Mistakes Activity 2

> Skill Builder: Mistakes Quotes {Posters} and Make your Own Quote Posters

> Animated PowerPoint Story: Great For Distance Learning!

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