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April Write the Room and Word Wall Cards

April Write the Room and Word Wall Cards
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Kindergarten, Grade 1



Mrs. Frog
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About This Product

My student's favorite center to do for word work is always the Write the Room center. I give a small group of 3-5 students a clip board and the "word hunt" paper. They walk around the room with their board, paper, and a pencil and try to find all 24 words that I put scattered around the classroom. They always feel such a sense of pride when they find all 20 words!

This set of words is themed for the month of April. There are word cards for Spring, Easter, gardening, and weather associated with April. I like to print the cards in color and laminate them for durability (it also keeps them ready to use for the next year).

I hope your kiddos enjoy this center as much as my own students do!

You can also use these cards on your word wall for your students to reference when doing writing activities. There are lots of times during the month of April that my students ask me how to spell certain words and (now with these cards) I just tell them to go to the word wall to find it! When using them for the word wall I put magnetic tab on the back of each laminated card so students can easily find, borrow, and put back my word wall words (that are on a magnetized white board surface).

What's Included

Included in this bundle:

- 24 April and Spring themed word wall / write the room cards in color

- 1 write the room recording sheet

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