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Art Lesson: Abstract Art

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About This Product

The Abstract Art Lesson is a comprehensive resource designed to introduce students to the captivating world of abstract art. This engaging lesson provides step-by-step instructions and thought-provoking activities to inspire creativity, exploration, and reflection. With clear instructions and examples, students will have the opportunity to dive into the world of abstract art and express their unique perspectives.

Explore the World of Abstract Art:

  • The Abstract Art Lesson invites students to embark on a journey into the exciting realm of abstract art. Through hands-on activities and guided instructions, students will learn about the key characteristics of abstract art, including the use of shape, color, and texture to convey emotions and ideas. This lesson encourages students to embrace their imagination and experiment with unconventional artistic approaches.

Assembly and Preparation Instructions:

  • This resource provides detailed instructions on how to assemble and prepare the activities for the abstract art lesson. Teachers will find easy-to-follow guidelines on setting up the materials, organizing the workspace, and creating a conducive environment for students to explore and create their abstract artworks.

Engaging Writing Tasks:

  • The Abstract Art Lesson incorporates various writing tasks to foster reflection and critical thinking. Students will be prompted to reflect on their art-making process, describe the emotions or ideas they wanted to convey through their abstract art, and analyze the visual elements used in their compositions. These writing tasks encourage students to articulate their thoughts and deepen their understanding of abstract art principles.

Examples and Inspiration:

  • To inspire students and provide them with a starting point, the Abstract Art Lesson includes examples of abstract artworks. These examples showcase a range of techniques, styles, and approaches, encouraging students to experiment and develop their unique artistic voices. By examining these examples, students can gain inspiration and insights into the possibilities of abstract art.


The Abstract Art Lesson offers an immersive and educational experience for students to explore and create abstract artworks. With clear instructions, engaging writing tasks, and inspiring examples, students will have the opportunity to develop their creativity, experiment with artistic techniques, and reflect on their artistic process. This resource is suitable for both classroom and homeschool settings, allowing students to express themselves through abstract art and discover the joy and freedom of creating art that transcends traditional representations.

This resource is an Art Lesson for Abstract Art.

Instructions are included for how to assemble and prepare these activities as students explore abstracts.

There are different writing tasks for students to complete as they reflect on their art!

Examples are also provided.

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