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Arts Integration for Beginners

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About This Product

Explore the power of arts integration with the Arts Integration for Beginners resource. Designed as professional development for teachers, this comprehensive packet introduces the concept of arts integration and utilizes resources from the renowned Kennedy Center to provide a solid foundation. With a checklist and a graphic organizer featuring indicators, this resource supports the learning process and empowers educators and students to embrace the benefits of arts integration.

Unleash the Power of Arts Integration:

  • The Arts Integration for Beginners resource unlocks the potential of arts integration as a dynamic and effective educational approach. Students and teachers will discover the transformative impact of integrating the arts into various academic subjects, fostering deeper understanding, creativity, and engagement.

Learn from the Kennedy Center:

  • This resource draws on the expertise of the Kennedy Center, a world-renowned institution dedicated to arts education. Through carefully curated materials, students and teachers will gain insights into the principles and practices of arts integration, guided by the expertise of this prestigious organization.

Tools for Success:

  • The packet includes a helpful checklist and a graphic organizer with indicators to support the learning process. These resources provide a framework for understanding and implementing arts integration effectively. They serve as valuable tools for educators and students, offering guidance and structure throughout the arts integration journey.


Arts Integration for Beginners is a comprehensive resource that equips both students and teachers with the knowledge and tools to embrace arts integration in the classroom. With guidance from the Kennedy Center and the support of a checklist and graphic organizer, educators can confidently incorporate the arts into their teaching practices. Students will benefit from a holistic and engaging learning experience that promotes creativity, critical thinking, and deeper connections across subjects. Unlock the transformative power of arts integration with this invaluable resource.

This resource is an Arts Integration for Beginners.

This packet will teach students and the teacher about arts integration and utilize resources from the Kennedy Center to define it.

There is a checklist and graphic organizer with indicators to support the learning.

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