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Asking about the days of the week

Asking about the days of the week
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About This Product

"Teaching About the Days of the Week"

Offer your students a comprehensive lesson on the days of the week in English with this power-packed resource. This hour-long program is designed to introduce or review not just what we call each day, but also reinforce knowledge about tense, adverbs and prepositions including their application within question and answer dialogues. Additionally, it covers IPA transcriptions to guide pronunciation for non-native English speakers.

What sets this teaching aid apart is its visually-engaging PowerPoint presentation that holds approximately 50 slides. The unique design uses appealing imagery and color-coded sentences enhancing focus and aiding lexical retention.

Listed below are some features:
  • Versatile nature - Excellent for whole class instruction by public school teachers or homeschooling parents. Can also be used in small groups discussions or as homework assignment.
  • Involves varied methods like group conversations and role-plays to create an interactive learning environment apart from typical lecture-style pedagogy.
  • Towards end reiteration takes center stage giving learners chance to converse freely thereby applying learned concepts practically.

Honing pronunciation with transcriptions to developing firm grasps on query-answer structures in different tenses; all while building a robust vocabulary -this accessible Microsoft PowerPoint show file encompasses all these aspects fittingly under an hour's lesson plan!

Embrace this resources’ ability today, make teaching about 'days' as easy as any regular weekday.

What's Included

powerpoint presentation show file

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