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The Twelve Days of Christmas Songs

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About This Product

The Twelve Days of Christmas Songs

A festive teaching aid perfect for use in both public schools and homeschool settings. This resource, designed for students in Kindergarten to Grade 5, features twelve original and traditional Christmas songs sung by children.

A Fun & Interative Resource

This audio collection motivates learning environment with the holiday enthusiasm. The content aims at getting children excited for Christmas while also instilling lessons on tradition and music appreciation.

  • Whole Group Activity: Engage students in spirited sing-alongs.
  • Smaller Group Settings or independent Studies: Little learners can enjoy these lively tunes at their own pace.

Ease of Use

This collection comes as a single zip file containing all twelve songs, making it convenient to download and adaptable across varying teaching methods. Each audio track encapsulates the joyous spirit of Christmas – perfect not only for developing lyric retention but also nurturing musical talent amongst young learners.

In Summary...

Cultivating an interest towards holidays such as Christmas becomes an exhilarating experience with the help of the Twelve Days of Christman Songs. It presents an innovative approach this season - combine learning and enjoyment by transforming your usual lesson plans! Note:The specific focus on celebrating Christmas renders this product unique among most educational resources, reinforcing that education doesn't always have to be about books and worksheets; sometimes it's just about indulging in a child-friendly reinvention of “Twelve days of Christmas”!

What's Included

1 zip file with 12 songs

Resource Tags

Christmas songs holiday teaching aid music appreciation sing-alongs festive learning

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