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At Home Learning Action Songs

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About This Product

At Home Learning Action Songs - A Unique Teaching Resource

This teaching resource, filled with an engaging variety of songs, transforms learning into a joyous activity for children of all ages from preschool to grade 2. It is utilized by homeschooling parents and public school teachers alike.

The album majorly focuses on:

  • Encouraging physical movement among children
  • Fostering careful following of directions while maintaining the element of fun

This attractive mix includes popular tunes such as Simon Says, Musical Chairs and Duck-Duck-Goose.

An Antidote to Screen Time Overindulgence

The At Home Learning Action Songs lessen screen time overindulgence amongst kids in today's digital era. It promotes wholesome development fostering social skills through:

  1. Promotion of interaction between peers or within family setups
  2. Encouragement for students to participate actively by singing along, dancing or even playacting - efficient for kinesthetic learners.
Versatile & Adaptable Tool for Educators!
Note:Your product consists one zip file containing twenty different songs ensuring diversified learning sessions based on your planned curriculum requirements. For usage ease,
  • Different file types available
  • Suitable for various environments including homes, schools and daycare centers

  • This tool also adds a festive flavor to gatherings like birthday parties or family events at grandma’s house! Thus proving its versatility across different settings. Outline attributing stark standout points of product:
    • Promotes interaction amidst todays digital era.
    • Encourages activity & participation amongst kinesthetic learners.
    • Versatility across different settings and environments.
    Quoted saying, "Incorporating art & music into everyday subjects could be challenging many times but At Home Learning Action Songs simplify that making it fit seamlessly into any chosen study format virtual or otherwise symbolizing creativity employed conveniently." You can implement these songs in countless ways to actively engage elementary level students during the learning process.

What's Included

1 zip file with 20 songs

Resource Tags

action songs at home learning physical movement social skills engagement

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