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At Home Learning Addition Songs

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Early Math


Preschool, Kindergarten, Grade 1

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About This Product

At Home Learning Addition Songs: A Complete Teaching Resource

At Home Learning Addition Songs is a comprehensive teaching resource designed to make the learning journey lively for young learners. This unique educational tool, crafted specifically for children in preschool, kindergarten, and grade 1, combines math education with catchy melodies.

Addition Facts and Fun Melodies
  • The focus is on understanding addition facts from 0 to 18 through popular kid-friendly music genres.
  • Different mental math techniques like "Doubles Plus One" and the "Two-More-Than" strategy are embedded within each song.

This product serves as an effective way of introducing early math concepts and as a mnemonic device that aids in memorizing these facts efficiently. For example:

  1. Students can imagine going to "The Island of Learning" to master the facts of 2.
  2. They can associate numbers with poppy beats while exploring “The Fabulous Family Of Fives," learning all about adding by five.
Packed With Pleasure and Portability

Comprising 21 songs into one handy zip file for ease of use and portability,

    The versatility allows usage during travel or even remote schooling situations where maintaining student interest can often be challenging.
Making Math Learning Fun-filled

Incorporating power of music in education, "At Home Learning Addition Songs", turns tedious mathematical principles into engaging melodious journeys

Taking modern pedagogical standards into account this resource enhances various teaching methods like:

  1. Boldly Boosting participation spirit among students through group instruction .
  2. Effectively Empowering small focused groups fostering personalized attention levels.
  3. Consistently Cultivating self-study discipline in students through homework assignments.
Giving it wider applicability and making it stand out among contemporary educational resources today.

What's Included

1 zip file with 21 songs

Resource Tags

math songs addition facts mental math techniques mnemonic device interactive learning

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