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At Home Learning Classical Music

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At Home Learning Classical Music Package

At Home Learning Classical Music is a meticulously curated collection aimed at invigorating the academic atmosphere and sparking creativity in young minds, whether it be in a public school, day care center, or via distance learning. The stirring arrangements of Mozart, Bach, Schumann, Grieg, Strauss, Beethoven and Haydn permeate through each track providing educators with a dynamic soundtrack to bolster the learning process.

The music chosen for this compilation wasn't merely for auditory admiration. Research endorses the notion that exposure to classical music during early development facilitates tangible cognitive benefits. These include:

  • Enhanced spatial reasoning - crucial for mathematics and the sciences
  • Demonstrably improved IQ performance over time.

At Home Learning Classical Music acts not only as educational resource but also serves an implicit developmental tool.
Additional Feature:
  1. Cognitive Development: Lessons won't be mere consumption of information; they'll adopt an interactive element where pupils are intuitively engaging with challenging ideas whilst tethered to stimulating music.
  2. Soothing Effect: Acts as study without stress! It invites students onto an imaginative journey into beautiful melodies while navigating through lessons -- something printed textbooks can scarcely achieve.

The package consists of 15 classic trackers - all stocked in one zip file available in multiple formats for your disposal.

It's more than just resources – they're windows into realms of new experiences waiting to unfold! 'At Home Learning Classical Music' isn't restricted by grades nor subjects but shines brightly under Art & Music category making it an invaluable addition to any educator's toolkit--wherever teaching may take place! Enriching classrooms was never made this easy before.

What's Included

1 zip file with 15 songs

Resource Tags

classical music educational resource cognitive development interactive learning classroom enrichment

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