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Classical Music: Art & Music Teaching Resource

The Classical Music teaching resource is a curated collection of renowned symphonies and compositions, well-suited to enhance the educational experience for students across grade levels. This album features 14 timeless pieces from world-class composers like Beethoven, Mozart, Handel, Brahms and Pachabel among others. The sonic compilation serves not merely as a pleasant background music but as an effective tool to stimulate creative thinking and simultaneously soothe young minds.

Product Details:
  • Ideal for whole group instruction or small study teams
  • Enhances concentration levels during art or music class projects
  • Suitable for minute breaks between lessons to foster an ambient learning environment

Scholars endorse immersing children in enriching melodies due to potential benefits including heightened creativity, improved spatial reasoning skills and boosted IQ performance.

This makes the Classical Music collection far more than just auditory pleasure—it constitutes part of a comprehensive educational methodology targeting holistic intellectual development.

Download Details:

The Classical Music teaching resource comes as a single zip file containing all 14 tracks ready to be downloaded instantly upon purchase—an effortless yet valuable addition to your edifying toolkit. Teachers may also find utility in assigning these songs as part of homework assignments; this invites students' family members into their learning experience or simply enjoy alone time devoted entirely towards self-improvement.

Educators everywhere are likely to appreciate this multinational selection of classical masterpieces that can create classroom transformations without imposing on curriculum requirements—offering exclusive music exposure constituting both fun and fantastic learning outcomes for their scholars alike!

What's Included

1 zip file with 14 songs

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Classical music Teaching resource Art integration Creative thinking Cognitive development

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