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Australian Mammal Flashcards and Poster | Australian Wildlife | Nature Study Australia | Marsupials

Australian Mammal Flashcards and Poster | Australian Wildlife | Nature Study Australia | Marsupials
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About This Product

Australian Mammal Flashcards and Poster | Australian Wildlife | Nature Study Australia | Marsupials

For those educators seeking to instill a broader understanding of wildlife and nature into their curriculum, this product provides a visually striking representation of unique mammalian life endemic to Australia. This learning resource comes specifically tailored not only to public school teachers but is also appropriate for homeschoolers desiring to enhance their approach towards Science lessons.

About the Set:

  • The set comprises twelve cards, each showcasing exquisitely hand-painted watercolor illustrations minutely depicting recognizable mammal species housed in the diverse landscapes of Australia.
  • To augment the engagement level and provide a realistic touch, it's recommended that these cards be printed onto high-quality paper, preferably watercolor paper. Consequently, this will help ensure that every card feels like an original painting in hand – supporting tactile learning methodology.
  • An identification poster featuring all 12 species accompanies this resource material making it an excellent tool for immediate reference or display during your classroom lessons or home schooling sessions.

Versatile Usage:

This product is versatile with regards to its usage; it can be incorporated into whole group discussions stimulating a collective exchange of ideas among students while studying Zoology. Alternatively, dividing students into smaller groups working with these materials allows more concentrated interaction leading to enhanced understanding. Moreover, as homework assignments about Australian mammals these flashcards become tools that facilitate independent study nurturing research skills among learners whilst building upon their knowledge about nature's spectacular diversity.

Purchase Details and Benefits:

  1. OImmediate Access:
  2. Flexibility: This flexibility lets educators modify according to desired print sizes depending on the envisioned use – large format for class demonstrations or pocket size versions apt for individual study aids.

In lack of grade specific limitations this resource tool affords numerous possibilities extending its relevance across various age groups heightening awareness on globally important environmental topic-like endemic Australian marsupial species amongst aspiring young minds.

What's Included

1 PDF File for the Materials.

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