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North American Prairie Wildlife Flashcards

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North American Prairie Wildlife Flashcards

The North American Prairie Wildlife Flashcards are a delightful teaching resource for any educator focused on introducing zoology to their students. These flashcards are perfect for presenting animals found in the wild grasslands of North America, allowing learners to get familiar and build connections with nature.

Key Features:
- Bright, beautiful flashcards featuring hand-painted watercolor illustrations.
- Twelve different species of prairie wildlife.
- Tactile aspect; each flashcard looks like an original painting when printed on high-quality paper – preferably watercolor paper.
- Versatile usage; can be used in various settings like group activities or individual studies. Adjustable based on curriculum needs or grade level catering from preschool through Kindergarten up till Grade 5.


  • Aids during science class discussions about North American ecosystems.
  • An engaging tool during arts & crafts time where students learn about drawing animal figures while indulging themselves into nature's colors found in the illustrations.
  • A valuable creative prompt as homework assignments where kids can engage independently or with parents around a fun learning experience.

All these elements come packaged efficiently into one PFD file making it accessible and ready-to-print at one's convenience – lending further convenience amidst busy schedules every educator juggles between!

In essence, the North American Prairie Wildlife Flashcards is more than just a teaching aid – they are an interactive tool meant to impart science knowledge plaited well into an artistic upbringing driving engagement levels higher in whatever setting it gets introduced! Thus serving as - more than just another teaching resource - but an enriching asset rooted deep glueing moral education with science & art beautifully together!

What's Included

1 PDF File for the Materials.

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