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Author's Point of View Slideshow

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Grade 3, 4



Siri Latina
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About This Product

This is a packet for Author’s Point of View Informational Packet.


This was designed for your 3rd and 4th grade reading students.


The learning objective is Identifying the author’s point of view and developing our own points of view in nonfiction text.


Included are a slideshow and a printable worksheet set.


The slideshow has a set of 18 editable slides. Within the slideshow, students will be presented with many questions at the beginning to allow them to explore and deepen their understanding of author’s point of view.


Students will be presented with many questions:

-What do we mean by author’s point of view?

-What is the author’s attitude or opinion about the topic? Does the author share his or her opinion about the topic? If so, what is it?

-What message is the author trying to send? Why has the author written the text? Does the author want to influence your opinion on the topic?

-What kind of words does the author use to help make his or her feelings known? What kind of verbs, adverbs, and adjectives are in the text?


Within the slideshow, students will get a chance to practice identifying the point of view. There are 6 different informational texts to practice with. For each informational text, there will be 5 questions for students to ask themselves.


Because there are 6 practice texts, you can choose to break up the texts. You may begin modeling the first 2 texts without any input from students. Allowing students to see your thought process out loud will help them begin to properly think out loud. With the next 2 texts, students can work in partners or small groups to answer the questions. For the final 2 texts, students can complete them independently by writing their answers on a piece of paper and then discussing their answers out loud.


The PDF included has each of the informational texts and their questions in a printable form.


What's Included

A 3 page printable PDF

An editable 18-slide PowerPoint

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