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An educational teaching resource from Classroom Complete Press entitled AUTUMNFEST Gr. 4-6 downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Grade 4, 5



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About This Product

AUTUMNFEST Gr. 4-6: An Innovative Instructional Resource

The AUTUMNFEST Gr. 4-6 instructional resource, particularly designed for grade four to grade six students, offers a comprehensive and enriching survey of autumn-themed topics. Crafted to evoke creativity and encourage verbal language skills, this teaching aid is based on cooperative learning techniques.

Engaging Content

  • The toolkit incorporates informative cards together with participating activities about themes synonymous with the fall season such as Thanksgiving or Harvest Festivals, Corn/Popcorn cultivation, and Turkeys.
  • Suitable for whole group instruction or smaller group learning sessions systematically.
  • Can be sent as homework assignments enabling independent student study at home.

Fostering Skills & Practical Learning

Mixing various core subject disciplines like exercises aimed at fostering critical thinking abilities form part of this comprehensive educational material. Reading cards extending beyond mere understanding foster reading arts proficiency in students.

  • Writing skill improvement tasks: Proficiency in writing tasks can be improved with brainstorming exercises that stimulate critical thinking abilities.

  • In addition to these:
    • Energetic arts and craft assignments: Paired with simple-to-understand recipes are also included. > data:text/plain,
      >Celebrating an elaborate approach towards wholesome development capabilities through imaginative methods are math-related activities that urge learners to apply their theoretical knowledge practically.
    • A unified PDF: To enhance practicality incorporated within its arrangement a single PDF including 45 ready-to-print pages comes along.
target="_blank">AUTUMNFEST Gr. 4-6 aligns its contents with subjects like Holidays, keeping in view Autumn is its underlying theme emphasising sub-subjects - "Autumn" efficiently into the curricula across lesson plans making it a flexible teaching help for educational facilitators globally.

In Conclusion


In conclusion, AUTUMNFEST Gr. 4-6 appears as more than just an educational tool but a doorway opening avenues towards interactive developmental tasks handy not only within traditional classroom set-ups but homeschool settings too focusing on intrinsic value-based learning experiences. "

What's Included

1 PDF with 45 ready to print pages

Resource Tags

holiday worksheet comprehension reading passages matching trivia

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