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Away in A Manger Vol. 2

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About This Product

Away in A Manger Vol. 2: A Unique Teaching Resource

Away in A Manger Vol. 2 is an immersive teaching resource designed to promote the Christmas spirit during holiday season among Kindergarten to Grade 5 classrooms or at home. More than merely fostering an atmosphere of joy, this collection also enhances language competencies via songs.

What sets this assemblage apart is that all the Christmas carols are sung by children, for children. It contains ten different yet harmonious carols stored conveniently in a zip file format.

  • Well-known songs like "Joy to The World"
  • Niche songs such as "Coventry Carol"

This exposure introduces young learners to varying cultural aspects connected with Christmas.

Implementation in Classroom and Home Settings

The application of Away in A Manger Vol. 2 can be expanded according to teachers' creativity due its versatile nature. It can effortlessly integrate into whole-group settings stimulating classroom unity via collective singing!

In smaller groups, teachers could organize activities like:

  • Analyzing song lyrics
  • Drawing out discussions on their meanings – subtly building critical thinking aspects too!

Homeschooling Scenario

If you're homeschooling, these youthful renditions could form delightful background scores while tree-trimming or decorating - keeping young minds engaged throughout holidays! On top of that, by assigning listening tasks as homework--family participation might be encouraged thus promoting collaborative learning beyond classrooms.

Cross-Curricular Scope and Application

Mainly fitting under 'Holidays,' Away in A Manger Vol. 2 aligns seamlessly with many subject strands. Be it:
  • Language: Via lyrical comprehension & retention
  • Music: Through active participation in singing
  • Citizenship: By appreciating diverse festive customs

In conclusion, this audio teaching resource promises more than what meets the eye: enabling teachers to design memorable lessons around a much-loved annual celebration making Away in A Manger Vol. 2 an invaluable support during this festive season!

What's Included

1 zip file with 10 songs

Resource Tags

Christmas songs Children's music Holiday celebrations Cross-curricular learning Classroom activities

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