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Back to School 8th Grade Math Review Activity| Digital Escape Room

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Grade 7, 8, 9





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About This Product

This back-to-school themed digital escape room is the perfect tool to engage and motivate your middle schoolers while they review grade-eight math concepts! With a captivating storyline and various math problems to solve, this escape room is designed to make learning fun and interactive.

This escape room is packed with 50 carefully crafted problems covering various essential math topics. Students will encounter:

10 integer operations,

10 proportions,

10 two-step equations,

10 one-step inequalities,

10 questions on area and circumference of circles.

Each problem they solve brings them one step closer to completing the escape room challenge.

One of the standout features of this escape room is its versatility. It can be accessed on laptops, tablets, or smartphones, making it suitable for students with various devices. The accessibility ensures that all your learners can participate, regardless of their preferred technology.

Flexibility is another key aspect of this escape room. Students can choose to complete the activity in one sitting or spread it out over multiple days. They simply need to save the address at the top of the page, and when they return, they'll pick up right where they left off. This allows for personalized pacing and accommodates different learning styles and schedules.

Setting up this escape room is a breeze! There's minimal preparation required on your part. Just duplicate the student answer sheet, share the provided link with your students, and they're ready to embark on their virtual adventure. Unlike traditional escape rooms, there are no physical locks to configure or clues to hide. Everything is conveniently hosted online, saving you time and effort. Best of all, there's no need for Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams logins, simplifying the process for both you and your students.

For those who prefer a tangible format, a printable version of the questions is included, ensuring that you have options to cater to different preferences and classroom setups.

Engage your students with this immersive and educational digital escape room that combines problem-solving, critical thinking, and math review. Transform your classroom into an exciting escape room experience and watch your students' enthusiasm soar as they tackle each challenge. Get ready to witness their love for learning come alive with this captivating and comprehensive back-to-school themed escape room!

What's Included

Pdf with the link to the escape room

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