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Summer 7th Grade Math Review | Digital Escape Room

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Grade 7, 8, 9





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About This Product

Do you want to make your seventh graders review some math concepts in a fun and engaging way? Then this summer-themed digital escape room is perfect for you! Your students will help Turt find his missing friends by solving math problems involving decimals, fractions, percents, coordinate plane and quadrilaterals. They will enjoy this interactive and challenging activity that will keep them motivated and focused!

The Summer 7th Grade Math Review | Digital Escape Room consists of 50 problems divided into five categories:

• Operations with Integers: 10 problems

• Operations with Fractions: 10 problems

• One Step Equations: 10 problems

• Area and Circumference of Circles: 10 problems

• Two Step Equations: 10 problems

Each category in this Summer 7th Grade Math Review | Digital Escape Room has a different game that students have to complete to reach another location where they will find another game.

They will continue this process until they find all of Turt's friends and escape!

This activity is designed to work on any device that has internet access, such as laptops, tablets, or smartphones.

This means that your students can access it from anywhere and anytime they want!

If your students cannot finish the Summer 7th Grade Math Review | Digital Escape Room in one session, they don't have to worry. They can simply save the URL at the top of the page and resume the activity later from where they left off.

This Summer 7th Grade Math Review | Digital Escape Room is online and interactive, so you don't have to do any preparation or setup.

You just have to copy the student answer sheet, share the link with your students, and let them have fun!

No Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams accounts are required.

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PDF with the link to the activity

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