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Back to School Activities | 10 Science Experiments & Investigations

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Grade 3, 4, 5





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About This Product

Back to School Activities | 10 Science Experiments & Investigations

This educational tool offers a compilation of ten engaging science experiments perfect for both classroom settings and distant learning. Using common household items, these activities encourage students' interest in science, explain scientific methods, and add an element of fun.

List of Experiments:

  • Aerodynamics: Understanding which airplane design goes the furthest distance
  • Pneumatics: How changing air volumes impact balloon travel?
  • Chemical Reaction: What happens when different sodas react with Mentos?
  • Experiment on cleaning methods: Which liquid cleans pennies best?
  • & more...

The resource includes detailed activity directions, recording sheets for logging findings - a crucial aspect of the scientific method procedure. Additionally, there's a materials page listing all necessary items for the experiments ensuring easy preparation.

Ideal For:

    Homeschooling parents
    Tutors working with Grades 3-5

The activities can be performed as whole group assignments encouraging team-building or can be given individually to facilitate independent study time or homework routines at home.

Beyond experimentation, this product boosts critical thinking skills through extension questions related to each activity making it not just another science experiment kit but a comprehensive teaching resource. This digital product is delivered in PDF format.

What's Included

A total of 22 pages

Resource Tags

science experiments hands-on activities back to school inquiry-based learning scientific method

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