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Be My Valentine Gr. PK-1

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Preschool, Kindergarten, Grade 1



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About This Product

Be My Valentine Gr. PK-1

Be My Valentine Gr. PK-1 is a thoughtfully designed teaching resource. It has been tailor-made for young learners studying in Preschool, Kindergarten and First Grade.

This product brings fun learning activities about Valentine's Day into the eyes of kids, while highlighting the importance of sharing and love.

Variety Of Activities

  • "Valentine Letter": This activity enhances letter recognition skills among students.
  • "Valentine Creature": It aims to improve students' ability to discriminate visually.
  • "Lady Valentine": This focuses on strengthening numerical sets recognition.
The tool combines these diverse exercises to contribute towards holistic development for children while keeping them engaged with the theme of Valentine's Day.

Specially Designed Features And Tools

Included are 37 pages filled with instructions and interesting manipulative activities such as "Rebus Story Activity" which uses pictures, symbols and texts to create an intriguing reading aid as well as fostering creativity among children. This comprehensive resource can be adapted depending on class size or student groups enhancing its practicality; it can be used through full-class instruction sessions or smaller focused student clusters.

The packet even supports learning continuity at home: teachers have the freedom to assign specific tasks from within this packet for individual homework assignments.
An Enriching Addition To Lesson Plans Around Holidays: The Case Of Valentines Day

This educational tool places significant emphasis not only on academic strengthening but also highlights socially relevant concepts such as generosity in sharing through engaging story-telling mediums that resonate particularly with Valentines Day—an occasion of love.

Accessibility And Sustainability Combined

The Be My Valentine Gr. PK-1 comes readily available as a PDF file type ensuring convenient access across digital platforms and reducing physical storage dilemmas that may burden educators with voluminous teaching materials, keeping both durable learning and environment-conscious beliefs in mind.

In conclusion, this thematic unit not only limits itself to academic learning but also seamlessly integrates socio-emotional learnings helping young minds thrive emotionally and physically in a well-rounded manner.

What's Included

1 PDF with 37 ready to print pages

Resource Tags

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