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Bell Ringers Volume 1: Thirty Brain Breaks, Riddles, Logic Puzzles & More

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Grade 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12





Mister Harms
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About This Product

Start the school year or any class time with some fun mental exercises and icebreakers. Everyone loves logic puzzles, riddles, and critical thinking. As featured in educational newsletters, expand your students' brain power with this set of Brain Teasers to use as bell ringers or brain breaks in your classroom! In both printable and digital versions, these brain teasers are perfect for distance learning as well!

What's Included

1 PDF file with:

-Now in Google Drive format!

-30 different Brain Teasers in 2 great formats - (Worksheets or Google Slideshow)

-3 worksheets of 10 Brain Teasers each - (to use as handouts or assign in Google Classroom)

-1 stunning slideshow of 30 Brain Teasers - (to use as whole group visuals through Google Slides)

-Answers to all 30 Brain Teasers are included

-There are 20 medium difficulty teasers and 10 even more difficult teasers

-All Brain Teasers are in printable pdf format as well as Google Drive format to assign through Google Classroom

These Brain Teasers are perfect for upper elementary through adults!

Perfect to use at the beginning of class, a filler at the end of class, a competitive fun day, or use them for your emergency substitute day.

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