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Bible Sing-Along Fun

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Grade 1, 2, 3, 4



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About This Product

Bible Sing-Along Fun

Introducing Bible Sing-Along Fun - a unique blend of enlightening teachings and engaging melodies designed to provide youngsters with an entertaining journey of faith. This easy-to-use resource contains a zip file comprising 14 cheerful songs that introduce young learners to God’s grace, love, and faithfulness without overwhelming their innocent minds.

Sing-along Songs

  • "Climb Climb Up Sunshine Mountain"
  • "Who Built the Ark?"

This colourful collection invites kids in grades 1 through 4 into a world where they can sing cheerfully while learning significant biblical stories. Seamlessly fitting within the Life Studies and Religion subcategory, it aligns well with both public school curriculum or home-schooling plans.

A Handy Tool for All Settings & Audiences

Ideal for large classrooms, helpful for small home-schooling sessions, and even during travel times - when hands might be busy but young minds are ready to imbibe knowledge presented in tuneful summaries. Its flexible applicability makes it equally useful during school hours, as unconventional homework assignments or even as religious retreat introductions within church halls.

The primary audience is children within grades ranges from 1 through 4. However, owing to its simplicity and charm; don't limit your students’ exposure because everyone can join in on this joyous venture! What could be better than infectious tunes sneakily imparting vital life lessons?

In Summary:

Let every day become a celebration of faith and joy with Bible Sing-Along Fun where learning is made simple yet enjoyable.

What's Included

1 zip file with 14 songs

Resource Tags

Bible songs Religious education Children's music Spiritual learning Interactive teaching

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