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Birthday Display Bulletin Board Kit Donut Birthday Display Editable

An educational teaching resource from Jannylovecolors entitled Birthday Display Bulletin Board Kit Donut Birthday Display Editable downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

Birthday Display Bulletin Board Kit - Donut Birthday Display Editable presents itself as a delightful and intriguing resource designed to bring a dash of cheer into learning spaces. It serves as an exemplary teaching aid for educators teaching from Grade 1 through Grade 8, useful when celebrating student birthdays or in lessons about holidays.

This distinguished resource incorporates elements your students are bound to appreciate. Its contents include:

  • A PNG file with letters,
  • Two PPT files editable using PowerPoint,
  • Two PDF files containing vibrant border and bunting designs along with board decor images.

The aptly themed 'Happy Birthday' display board makes any mundane classroom corner bright!

Educators can apply this instrument in diverse ways. For instance, use the kit as an interactive activity wherein groups of pupils get involved in assembling the birthday display board, consequently enhancing teamwork skills while also increasing excitement within the class environment.

The editable donuts allow seamless customization by teachers. After adding names onto these donuts via the PowerPoint File, you're enabled to adjust their size depending on your requirements by saving these modifications as a PDF file using your PDF reader’s Print Scale functionality—a highly advantageous feature if you're working across different devices including interactive whiteboards or personal desktop computers.

Note: This product is available for digital download which eliminates waiting time for deliveries and doesn't take up physical space since once bought it remains yours permanently! Please bear in mind that this item comes as a ZIP file so ensure suitable software is at hand to extract such files post downloading.
Please keep in mind due to color variations on different screens colors may appear differently than they do live—an aspect crucially considered by digitally inclined educators conducting e-learning sessions at home or school settings.

Imagine walking into classrooms decorated with colorful, donut-themed bulletin boards exclaiming ‘Happy Birthday’ every celebration month—surely an ample dose of zest added to each daily lesson? Indeed, Birthday Display Bulletin Board Kit - Donut Birthday Display Editable, injects a flair of fun and creativity into teaching processes while establishing an atmosphere of birthday love thus creating lasting memories in any learning environment.

What's Included

Birthday Display Bulletin Board Kit - Donut Birthday Display Editable

What's included: 1 PNG file, 2 PPT files, and 2 PDF files

- PDF FILE: Border and Buntings

- PDF FILE: Board decor (1 size on 1 page and one picture 2 on 3 pages)

- PNG FILE: Letters

- PPT FILE: Editable Donuts

- PPT FILE: Editable Donuts

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birthday display bulletin board kit editable resource donut theme classroom decor

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