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Birthday Display Bulletin Board Kit Gnomes Birthday Display Editable

An educational teaching resource from Jannylovecolors entitled Birthday Display Bulletin Board Kit Gnomes Birthday Display Editable downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product


Introducing the Birthday Display Bulletin Board Kit Gnomes Birthday Display Editable, a highly customisable and engaging teaching resource optimized for educators. This digital product is specifically designed to add charm and whimsicality to any classroom during the birthday months.

Product Details

This kit comprises several components, all of which work together to create an immersive experience in commemorating student birthdays and enhancing their interpersonal relationships. It includes:

  • A PPT file,
  • A PNG file,
  • Three PDF files: two separate sets of lettering options contoured in black outlines that spell out HAPPY BIRTHDAY and WELCOME TO OUR CLASS;
  • Borders;
  • Buntings;
  • Editible gnomes;
  • Board decor suitable for printing on standard US Letter paper.

The Flexibility Advantage

This product's flexibility cannot be overemphasized.. After typing the names of students onto the Powerpoint (PPT) slides embedded within this product, there is total control over adjusting print sizes according to need by saving these slides as PDF files then manipulating them through their default PDF reader's 'Print Scale' button.

Joy In The Classroom Environment

Liven up your classroom environment by utilizing this resource! It fits into various settings such as whole-group assemblies or smaller groupings tailored around birthday celebrants. Not only does it contribute towards fostering a sense of belonging among students but also provides an avenue for multiple class activities like memory games involving gnome images or general discussions about birthdays infused into regular lesson routines.
Note:This purchase includes digital files, no physical items will be dispatched. This product is compatible with program software that can open ZIP files.

Use In Various Grades

Excellent for Grades 1 through Grade 8 or even homeschooling purposes. This resource is perfect for those who appreciate incorporating elements of fun into the learning culture while acknowledging student individuality concurrently—while adhering exclusively towards holiday-infused subjects centered around celebrating birthdays.


Inspiring an attractive visual effect in the classroom and developing a tradition of commemorating student birthdays becomes fluent, charming and effortlessly manageable.

What's Included

Birthday Display Bulletin Board Kit

What's included: 1 PPT file, 1 PNG file, and 3 PDF files

- PDF FILE: Borders

- PDF FILE: Buntings

- PDF FILE: Editable Gnomes

- PDF FILE: Board decor (1 size on 1 page and one picture 2 on 3 pages)

- PNG FILE: letters

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birthday display bulletin board classroom decor gnomes editable

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