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BOGGLE Game ( French Version )

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About This Product

BOGGLE Game (French Version)

Attention educators! Dive into the world of vocabulary enhancement with this French version of the fervently loved board game, BOGGLE. This teaching resource ensures team exercises or solo assignments are never boring and provides a riveting way to enhance your students' French language skills.

The specially curated BOGGLE game challenges students to find words by connecting adjoining letters in chains. Think of it as creating a maze of words where strategy is key. The longer the word they form, the higher their score. Connections can be made left-right, top-down or diagonally.

  • Example:
    • p-o-i-v-r-e earns 6 points.
  • Rights and rules:
    • No letter can be used more than once per word.
    • All words must have at least three letters.

To cater for learners still adjusting to accented alphabets, we've decided that accents are not mandatory - 'E' can stand for 'É', 'Ê', or 'È'. This ensures every learner can participate in playing and learning process fully regardless of their comfort with accents.

Your purchase includes a well-structured PDF file containing:

  • 27 printable pages, offering new challenges each round and reducing preparation time for teachers between classes.

Tailoring Possibilities: Not grade specific but best suited towards World Languages studies focusing on French instruction but don't limit its usage! Use it as per comprehension abilities within your classroom.
  • As part of full-sized class instructions - a great engagement tool!
  • For group tasks and team building activities - capitalize on its competitive nature!
  • As homework assignments to reinforce outside lesson hours recent learning.

Deployment is only limited by creativity! Make this French version of the BOGGLE Game an integral part of your teaching arsenal.

What's Included

27 printable pages in PDF Format

Resource Tags

vocabulary enhancement French language BOGGLE game team building homework assignments

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