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Boho Plant Binder Covers & Spines Editable Classroom Decor

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About This Product

Boho Plant Binder Covers & Spines Editable Classroom Decor

Boho Plant Binder Covers & Spines Editable Classroom Decor unifies aesthetic appeal and organization efficiency in a versatile tool cut out for varying grade levels and learning environments. This resource's adaptiveness is a value-add for public school classrooms, homeschool curriculums, or any other educational settings.

The editable feature of this resource leads to easy customization, tailoring the need-specific organization. Edits are attainable via PowerPoint or Google Slides with image and color palettes designed in consistent boho plant decor styling. Meanwhile, font styles can be chosen without compromising readability on US Letter paper size (8.5 x 11).

Potential Applications:

  • Holistic Group Assignment Folders
  • Small Group Activity Binders
  • Holiday Homework Submission Boxes
  • In-house document storage.

Educators can flexibly adjust print sizes by saving the filled texts from PPT files as a PDF, then adjusting sizes using their PDF reader's Print Scale button.

Pack Components:

  1. Edit-friendly binder covers
  2. Numerous spine sizes - 1, 1.5, 2, 3 and 4 inches matching with binders
  3. x
  4. An additional three PDF files for print/write purposes.

    Note: This product will download as a ZIP file; therefore necessary system compatibility checks are advised before proceeding with the download action. The Boho Plant Binder Covers & Spines Editable Classroom Decor dispenses benefit beyond holiday and back-to-school durations to become an all-rounder in classroom organization tasks throughout the calendar. Consequently, it turns everyday organizational endeavors fun and stimulating, thanks to a blend of functionality and aesthetics tailored for educational environments.

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