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Editable Binder Covers & Spines - Ocean - Gold Sands and Sky

An educational teaching resource from Just SO - Sharon Oliver entitled Editable Binder Covers & Spines - Ocean - Gold Sands and Sky downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

Editable Binder Covers & Spines - Ocean - Gold Sands and Sky Bring the beauty of the ocean into your classroom or office with these editable binder covers and spines. The gold sands and blue skies complement the sea green waves, creating a soothing and peaceful aesthetic. Personalize the designs by editing the text, fonts, sizes, and placement right within the included PowerPoint or Google Slides files. With 40 unique binder cover options and 7 binder spine variations to mix and match, it's easy to organize all your important documents. Use these binders for students' portfolios, teachers' lesson plans, staff administrative files, or your own home office. Coordinate the colors and textures with matching labels for a pulled-together, professional look. Whether you do it all at once or tackle a few binders each week, these ocean wave binders make it a breeze to get organized. Their calming colors and flexibility bring joy and efficiency to any workspace.

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