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Editable Binder Covers & Spines - Ocean Blue

An educational teaching resource from Just SO - Sharon Oliver entitled Editable Binder Covers & Spines - Ocean Blue downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

Make your classroom shine with Editable Binder Covers & Spines - Ocean Blue. This easy-to-customize resource features tranquil ocean waves and blue skies that will brighten your shelves. Includes 40 binder covers and 7 spine variations for different sizes, all editable in Google Slides or PowerPoint. Mix and match to create a coordinated, professional look for your classroom. Use with students to help them take ownership of their work. Or customize covers for your home office and bring the calming sights and sounds of the ocean right to your desk. With so many possibilities, this versatile set has something for every teacher, student, and workspace. Start small by updating just a few binders each week until your space feels fresh and put-together. Finding time is the hardest part, but with a little organization and this cheerful resource, you can create a classroom you’ll be excited to teach in.

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