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Books Multiple Color Clip Art

Books Multiple Color Clip Art
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About This Product

Books Multiple Color Clip Art

A delightful teaching resource that enriches instructional materials by bringing a vibrant touch. Suitable for kindergarten to Grade 3 teachers, this collection showcases 12 neatly crafted book images in various hues like red, orange, yellow, green among others.

Hats off to functionality!

Each .png image is layered on a transparent background—an aid when dressing up different backdrops or print materials. For instance, worksheets with colorful book cliparts could be used for identifying colors or showcase boards inside classrooms can take up themed aesthetics.

  • The set also includes six labels that represent key areas in school curriculum: reading, math science history social studies and language arts. These features support visually appealing lessons—they work as visual prompts during class discussions or small group activities where they classify mini-book reports according to subjects.
  • Apart from the classroom setting, homeschooling parents can make use of Books Multiple Color Clip Art for custom-made experiments at home—in learning activities tailored fit per individual— all while cultivating love for books and reading. The product goes beyond its aesthetic appeal—it encourages categorization skills among young learners—from kindergarten through Grade 3—making education intuitive yet interactive.

Innovation-filled Assignments!

To conclude the day assign homework where students think of innovative ways these clipart pieces can be used creatively—to keep them reminded thatlearning sparks interest when creativity takes center stage! Rousing excitement plays a major role too—and it's not just about providing resources!

To summarize: Books Multiple Color Clip Art transitions beyond being mere eye candies—they are functional tools waiting to be tapped by creative educators out there!

What's Included

Also included are 6 "labels" that you can layer on top of colored books.

Labels are:





social studies

language arts

Resource Tags

book clipart colorful books teaching resource visual aids categorization

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