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Boston Tea Party: History - Hands Onn

Boston Tea Party: History - Hands Onn
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History: USA


Grade 1, 2, 3, 4



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About This Product

Boston Tea Party: History - Hands Onn Teaching Resource

Boston Tea Party: History - Hands Onn, is an eye-catching teaching resource intended for primary students from Grade 1 to Grade 4. This product enriches the understanding and love of American history, particularly focusing on the Boston Tea Party.

As suggested by its name, this activity-based kit goes beyond just reading historical facts from textbooks. Instead, it places your students directly within the events by recreating historical situations in your own classroom. Embrace a learning environment where students get to role-play as colonial agents disguised as native Indians enacting their protest on a ship in Boston Harbor! Such dynamic enactments not only make learning entertaining but also contribute to an enhanced understanding and retaining of historic facts.

Social Studies & USA History

This incredible resource falls under Social Studies within the subsubject of USA History. Its main use is as a lesson plan that conveniently fits into existing syllabuses or can be part of standalone teaching units on American history. This flexibility gives teachers adequate adaptability whether they are conducting group lessons or adjusting small group instruction.

The entire package comes compressed into one tidy PDF file for ease of downloading and printing.

  • - Ideal for whole class activities
  • - Can be adapted for small-group work
  • - Can even serve homework assignments adding variety and interest

The Promise: Historical Immersion Beyond Textbooks

Boston Tea Party: History – Hands Onn, offers instructors an immersive way to teach history— encouraging enthusiasm among young scholars towards social studies . This approach can potentially foster lifelong curiosity in America's diverse past.

Includung hands-on experiences has never been straightforward before with Boston Tea Party: History - Hands Onn teaching resource! Receive a practical education that allows your classroom to come alive with investigative education materialized from one of our nation's most critical historical events.

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