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Build a Jack-O-Lantern, FALL, HALLOWEEN ACTIVITIES, Boom Cards, Pumpkins, Life Skills

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About This Product

Build a Jack-O-Lantern, FALL, HALLOWEEN ACTIVITIES, Boom Cards, Pumpkins, Life Skills

Build a Jack-O-Lantern is an engaging teaching resource that embraces the festive theme of Halloween. It primarily aims to bolster language skills and life competencies for learners across multiple grades.

This interactive tool invites students to assemble their unique animated jack-o-lanterns while gradually working on different language objectives. These include executing and remembering two-step directions and identifying distinct facial features and costumes.

  • Multifunctional Activities:
Packed with vibrant activities, this platform fosters intensive learning fused with entertainment. Users can seamlessly switch among three independent games that continually instigate conversation linked to multiple instruction targets.
  • Creative Space:
Each game includes ten inventive jack-o-lantern designs ready for assembly by eager learners. With such an array of choices, every session offers an opportunity for creative expression while sharpening vital life skills.
    Educational Scope:

The educational utility of Build a Jack-O-Lantern extends beyond classroom involvement. It is equally efficacious when utilized in smaller groups or one-on-one teaching scenarios without losing any bit of its enthralling nature or utility.

Note: This product is tailored for single professional use under the copyright terms from Power Speech & Language 2020.

User Accessibility & Compatibility

The tool assures user-friendly interfaces across various platforms like Android devices and iPhones thanks to dedicated apps designed specifically considering their Internet connectivity requirements. Premium Features: This online learning resource offers meaningful feedback through self-grading. Plus additional features are accessible with premium accounts offered by the creators.

The Fusion of Festivity and Learning

In its essence, Build a Jack-O-Lantern serves as an adorable blend of festive fun and targeted learning – unmatchable for educators who affirm the influential role of fun in education.

What's Included

- 3 activities for eliciting language for a variety of goals

- 3 activity directions pages for ideas to prompt and play with groups

- Each activity links to 10 different jack-o-lantern designs to build

- 10 jack-o-lantern designs in all

Resource Tags

Halloween Jack-O-Lanterns Language Skills Life Skills Interactive Learning

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