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Busy Reading with Colors PreSchool Kinder Homeschool Charts

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About This Product

Busy Reading with Colors PreSchool Kinder Homeschool Charts

This interactive teaching resource is perfect for building word recognition and reading comprehension at the preschool or kindergarten level. It's great for both public school teachers and homeschooling parents.

The product offers three pages of colorful charts dedicated to connecting pictures with sentences. This playful learning environment encourages children's understanding as they learn about words, turning busy reading into a fun activity!

The versatile format of this resource creates opportunities for use in various scenarios such as:

  • Whole group discussions
  • Small group activities
  • Individual assignments for homework reinforcement

Learners can read aloud or listen attentively during guided-reading sessions, then focus on finding pictures reflecting the colors mentioned in each sentence.

Homeschooling and Inclusive Practices

This tool is suitable not just for traditional classrooms but also for homeschoolers and children within the autism spectrum, reinforcing inclusivity at its finest in educational practices.

Durability and Sustainability

To use this material:

  1. You'll need to print it on cardstock paper,
  2. Cut out picture cards,
  3. Laminate sheets to ensure prolonged use,
  4. Add velcro dots along each chart's structure where needed. This ensures the elements last longer despite numerous applications over time.

Educational Alignment

This exciting medium aligns towards Life Studies 
and Language Arts including early exposure 
to subjects like Reading, Spelling, 
and Writing. It’s waiting ready to be downloaded 
as a friendly PDF file ready 
for immediate use—an educational companion certainly worth click.

What's Included

3 pages

Resource Tags

interactive learning early literacy visual cues reading comprehension hands-on activities

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